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We Teach Gamers Spanish While 
They Play Fortnite.
50% Of ALL Our Earnings Go To The Charity of YOUR Choice.
Language50 for
Becoming Conversational In Spanish
We Teach Spanish
While Our Students Play Fortnite.
Fall in love with becoming conversational in Spanish, without any of the classrooms, tests, textbooks, worksheets, or stress.
Do you or your child spend endless hours in front of a screen playing Fortnite?

What if you could turn that otherwise wasted time into a productive, educational experience?
Do you want to reap the myriad benefits that being bilingual can bring?

 Turn The Fortnite Habit
Into A Great Tool For Learning
All while giving back.
With our state of the art mentor matching system and premier tutoring methodology, we can put you or your child on the fast track to learning Spanish – simply by conversing with one of our professionals during a Fortnite session!
Sneak Peak Behind A Language50 Session:
We are awesome
Turn your child’s video game habit into Their best habit.
AND Get 5 one hour sessions free
People Who Speak Multiple Languages
Score Higher On The

Broaden Their Perspective On
The World

Improve Their Multitasking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills
Learn to Delay Gratification and Pursue Larger Goals

Experience Greater Social and Cultural Opportunities

Hit The Job Market In a Far Better Position Than Their Unilingual Colleagues
Score Higher On The SAT & ACT

Broaden their perspective on the world

Improve their multitasking, problem-solving and decision-making skills
Learn to delay gratification and pursue larger goals
Experience greater social and cultural opportunities
And hit the job market in a far better position than their unilingual colleagues
Language50 for
Starting a career
The demand for bilingual workers has more than doubled in the last 5 years.

That means when the hiring manager is skimming resumes, you or your child is going to stand out from the crowd!

According to, jobs that require a bilingual employee pay 5 to 20% more per hour.

It all starts with learning a new language early, which is when our brains most easily absorb this information.

And there is no better way to become conversational in Spanish than immersion. Textbooks, homework, lectures, tutors and tests is not how to learn a language. Engaging in conversations is how to learn a language!

How it works
Our Simple Process
Start Your 30 Day Free Trial
Get your first sessions 100% Free, then after your free sessions, 50% of all of our earnings will go towards the charity you choice.

Find Your Perfect Match
At Language50, we’re not here to randomly throw students and tutors together; we’re interested in creating awesome long-term relationships based on commonalities between our professionals our students. That’s why we send you our Language50 matching survey, and we will work diligently to ensure the most effective partnership.
Meeting Your Personal Tutor
Our student meets their personal tutor, and they embark on their first session -- the start of the fast track to conversational Spanish!

Always Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Based Refund Guarantee
(active for 30 days)
Where Do We Get Our Tutors?
We are incredibly selective with our screening process. Everyone that is multilingual and also loves video games wants to work for us. So we only hire the best of the best as our tutors. Out of 100 Applicants , we accept only 2-5 tutors. Some of these people are Spanish teachers looking to impart their knowledge, have some fun and earn some cash on the side. 
We’re here to achieve concrete results.
If you or your child isn't satisfied in any way with the Language50 experience, just let us know and we’ll work to make it right – either by selecting a different tutor or with  a prompt, full refund.
The Story of Language50
I’m Jake Blanchfield, CEO of Language50.
And if you hadn’t already guessed, I was engrossed in video games as a child. 

I’m a Gen-Z’er, and one thing that separates us from generations prior is the prevalence of instant gratification. 

Want to binge watch a TV series? 
Pull it up on Netflix. 

Want to watch weird videos for hours?
 YouTube is a few taps away.

Want to chow down on endless pizza while you’re doing all this? 
You barely have to lift a finger.

The same is true with video games. I was hooked.

While I could have been getting out there and making life-long memories, I was shut up in my room for 5, 6, 7, 8 hours at a time in front of a screen. 

While playing complex video games does bring its own benefits, it’s not the same as engaging with real people out in the real world.

In fact, it was the combination of video games and engaging with real people that spawned the idea for Language50. I was just two weeks from embarking on a trip to Barcelona, where I would be hosted by a family that did not speak English, and my Spanish was … well, rusty doesn’t begin to describe it. I’d be lucky to get through a sentence without stumbling.
And then, I hit upon the idea of playing video games with someone who is bilingual. For this, I searched for hours and hours, until I found myself someone who was bilingual and would play with me. All I did to convince him to play with me, for as long as I wanted, was offering to pay him $20 an hour. It was a win-win! I was able to brush up on my Spanish and get ready for my trip – all without leaving my comfort zone while playing my favorite video game.

It was immersion at its finest, and it’s well known that immersion is the most effective way to learn a language. People who are thrown into a immersive experience where there is no other option but to speak the target language have no choice but to learn quick! Plus, it was really awesome because it was so much cheaper than a regular Spanish tutor! If I had hired a one-on-one private tutor, it would have costed me thousands, and I would have hated it, because learning Spanish the normal way is boring.

Through the Language50 platform, we can bring the same results to thousands of people around the world, and we can do it for a whole lot less money – all while teaching them the value and necessity of delayed gratification. This isn’t something they can conquer in an hour, a day, or a week, but they’ll gradually notice that they’re improving with every session. By learning a language while they’re otherwise in their comfort zone of Fortnite, they’re able to pursue and eventually accomplish a larger goal while doing something they love.

The result?
A well rounded, bilingual person in a far better position to pursue their dreams.

Are you ready to turn you or your child’s love for Fortnite into an unparalleled learning opportunity?
Do you want to see yourself or your child child blossom thanks to the well-known benefits of learning language?
Do you want to help us make a real change in the world by donating 50% of our earnings to the charity of your choice?
The Story of Language50
Our Team
Meet Our Founders...
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Jake Blanchfield
Co-Founder & President Educator
 Dr. Aaron Taylor PhD
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We are here for change. What better way to do that then giving away 50% of all of our earnings to any noble cause of your choice? From building new schools in impoverished nations, to helping the homeless, we've got you covered. 
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